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Forty-five of the bolus events were observed by bystanders. In 43 of the victims vital reactions were observed by bystanders or at the autopsy. This justifies the hope that many lives could have been saved had the right diagnosis and immediate therapy been initiated.

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The first step should be manual extraction or use of the Heimlich maneuver; in cases of failure of both attempts, immediate tracheotomy followed by hospitalization and bronchial lavage are indicated. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Laryngologic aspects of bolus asphyxiation-bolus death. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

JAMA —, PubMed Google Scholar. Gelperin A: Sudden death in an elderly population from aspiration of food. Heimlich HJ: A life-saving maneuver to prevent food-choking. A disadvantage of the hand-Mitt training that a second person is required and must keep the punch pad. Is not a training partner present, no hand-Mitt training can yet be made.

On the other hand, a training partner must keep the punch pad for the other and can not perform exercises at that time itself. Zudem ist das Gegenhalten von Mitts oftmals ebenso anstrengend wie die eigentliche Trainingsarbeit, ohne jedoch ihren Effekt zu erzielen.

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In addition, the counter holding Mitts is often just as stressful as the actual training work, but without achieving its effect. Zudem ist immer ein qualifizierter Trainingspartner gefordert. In addition, a qualified training partner is always required. For inexperienced tend to retain power and not constant required with the right positions, or to withdraw the mitts in reflex movements.

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This can not be precisely trained to targets the striking technique, but there is a risk of violating the training partner by undamped blows on the hands or the upper body - and also incurring in unexpected "air strikes" even sprains. Although devices are known with which to practice hitting techniques and individual fighters alone, but they can not fulfill the function of properties held by training partners shock pads yet.

Laryngologic aspects of bolus asphyxiation-bolus death

Because so far no equipment or devices are known, which can represent many different positions of the target hit points. In addition, virtually all previously known devices are intended greatest possible effectiveness zutrainieren, such as by mass sluggish, deforming resistance objects such as sandbags are processed, or against fixed or installed on non-damped mechanical springs cushion to be beaten. A device that allows it to practice without using a training partner is not yet known. On a vertically adjustable arm, a shock pad, there is mounted, whose arm nachfedert in the execution of a shock.

Zudem kann je nach Einstellung immer nur ein Ziel angeschlagen werden. In addition, depending on the setting one goal can always be struck. Auch ist der Arm nur in eine Richtung, und zwar in einer Kreisbewegung, verstellbar. Also the arm is in one direction only, namely in a circular motion, adjustable. So only a few of the relevant point for achieving impact objectives can be simulated.

To overcome this drawback of the prior art, it is an object of the present invention to enable a full hand-Mitt training through a device in which suitable Postionierungen and typical, otherwise anatomically related resistance moments are adjustable on the device that even without partners effectively can be trained.

It is particularly important that the mitts can be positioned in such a way that the vectors of the shock exercised so run on them that their suspension and damping corresponds to the qualified hand-held punch pad.

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This is according to the invention made possible by a structure which is mounted on a double-side bracket to a wall or column. Die Hand-Mitts sind mittels flexibel einstellbaren Zwischenhalterungen daran angebracht. The hand-Mitts are mounted by means of flexibly adjustable intermediate supports it. This can eg. For example, be represented by the arrangement of various hydraulically damped swivels.

In an advantageous embodiment, however, a simpler embodiment each closed tension spring is used with high Anpressmoment that in a hose-like sleeve with tough-viscous filling such. Is arranged as a wax-based gel. It has the advantage, much like the arm of a training partner to indulge in several directions without further intermediate joints are required.

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Languages German, English. Education PhD at the University of Bonn; dissertation on the treatment of stock options in the event of a transfer of undertakings Law studies at the University of Cologne.


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