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CK2: Unorthodox Chaos #3 - Heist of the GODS (Series B)

His intriguing writing style and excellent plot development have helped his books to become extremely popular all across the globe. The books are very much liked by those readers who seem to have interests in learning about the survival techniques as a means of self defense and survival in difficult situations. His family is comprised of his loving wife and 3 beautiful daughters.

Author America began writing the Survivalist series in the year and also released the first book of this series in the same year. The book is known by the title of Going Home. With the publication of this book, author American also got included in the list of published authors. Over the years, he has published a few books in the series, which went on to become bestsellers. Currently, he is working on one of the next plots in the series, which he is expected to publish very soon. Author American is relying heavily on the success and positive response towards all his previous books and hopes that his future books will also become equally popular if not more in the days to come.

In Going Home, author American has introduced the lead character in the form of Morgan Carter, who is shown as using his survival techniques to come out alive from a deadly situation. When he is heading towards his home in his car, it gets broken down at around a distance of miles away. He had made some plans for the weekend, but it appears that they are not going to see the light of the day as he gets stuck in a far away place with a broken car.

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The power grid of the entire country goes out, which causes a complete darkness all over. People face a lot of difficulties due to the absence of electricity, internet, and water. No one seems to have any idea as to when the things are going to get back to normal. Fortunately for Morgan Carter, he is a skilled and experienced survivalist. He decides to hit the road with the help of his prepper pack and reach the city as soon as possible so as to take control of the situation. Morgan is also required to carry out the difficult task of finding out what had caused the major blackout in the city and whether something more dangerous is about to happen.

If so, he must be ready to face the music and try to prevent a deadly situation from causing a major trouble in the city.

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An earlier book published in the Survivalist series by author A. The Plume publication released this book in the year Morgan Carter is depicted as the chief protagonist in this book. He makes sure that they are safe and then takes them to a safe place. But, his struggle does not seem to be over yet. As the society seems very much unstable, Morgan Carter must find a way to survive in such harsh conditions. However, the challenges appear to be far beyond his imagination. In the meantime, Morgan and his crew members come to know about a refugee camp in nearby enclosed quarters that is run by government.

The camp causes a lot of assaults on the refugees, causing injury and murder to many of them. Jess, who controls the norms of the camp, continues to cause trouble inside. At the same time, Morgan plans to bring down the entire establishment with the help of his crew members. On the whole, the book appears to be filled with action packed adventure, depicting the horrible possibilities in an awry gone world.

The novel also shows the courage of Morgan Carter to protect the city and prevent it from getting lost forever. It was also released in the year by the Plume publishers. In the opening sequence, author American has shown that Morgan Carter and his family members become successful in coming out of the difficult situation against all the odds, in spite of the deteriorating conditions that surrounded them. Being armed with the special survival tactics, Morgan and his crew members try to work together in order to build a community that could sustain them.

They are joined in the process by the their new friends, whom they rescued from the DHS camp recently. But, with the growing difficulty, it appears that they could not prepare for all the situations. Soon, a huge wildfire occurs that tends to threaten their existence in the community built by them. Now, Morgan and his friends are left with only two options, either fight or run away.

I hope these great female characters become a trend in the series. Whenever Logan and Calla would be alone in a room together things would spark like crazy. I loved every moment of it. The steam is definitely higher for me in this book than the last.

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Logan was super sexy and amazing. The things he would do and say, had me blissfully happy and panting. I couldn't put this down. For love? Zeke is my favourite, for sure. He is the dirty mouthed man-whore with a kind and charming personality. He has me under his spell. I was so upset by what happened to him in this book. I can't wait to read his book and Gavin's. I am still very much curious about them all. So, I can't wait. Things picked up near the end, I was glued to the book to find out what would happen.

I liked the action scenes, just as much as I did the first, they were so cool.

The description was perfectly written so you can really visualize everything that is going on. This book has no cliffhanger, for which I was so happy with.

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The ending was so awesome I was smiling so big. Loved the hea Logan and Calla had, they deserved it. The epilogue left me wanting more of this series. I am guessing Calix is next and I can't wait to read that. I am loving the series so far and hope it continues that way with the future book. Loved it! I recommend this to all you paranormal romance lovers out there. View all 33 comments. But it seems my nightmares have an affinity for you—evil seeking out purity, or some shit.

You quickly learn that Logan is a wild card, you never really know what to expect from him, he is cocky, short tempered and totally unapologetic. Oh and just like his older brother Gavin he possesses a charm that leaves you wanting more.. This in turn causes him to push Calla away. What she wants is vengeance against those who betrayed her and she has every intention of getting it.

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  • Attempting to put the pull she feels towards Logan out of her mind is easier said than done. Especially when said demon gives in to what is right in front of him. You slowly get around to why he has been so numb for so long. It literally had my stomach in knots. Though only a few have been mentioned Gavin- is the eldest son of Wrath and he has visions of the future. Zeke- I do not recall a gift being mentioned for him, yet.

    Ferno — well like his name he can cause a fiery blaze taking out all in his path.

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    Mad Dog - I do not recall a gift being mentioned for him, yet. He has two situations to contend with and I am extremely curious to see how each will play out. Then we have Calla, I get the feeling her story is far from over and it is possible she will play a bigger role in future books. Then there are these key players; some we met in book one Soul Avenged and some are new..

    However each will most likely have recurring roles in future books. I almost forgot about Ava, definitely can't wait to see what happens with her. Another issue..


    The Sang? What role will they play and are they evolving in to a bigger problem, most likely. The only downside is I wish we got a little more Ayden and Kane. Sucks you right in! Definitely leaves you wanting MORE! Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads! Find us on Facebook: www. View all 21 comments.

    So, one day while I was getting ready for work, I had the marvellous idea that I was going to rebel against all that is right in the world and bludge at work, doing nothing but reading straight from my kindle, which I was gonna stealthily hide under my computer monitor at work.