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Menu Main menu. Watch TED Talks. Video playlists about Journalism Media with meaning. In a world filled with sound bites and paparazzi-snapped photos, there are still storytellers determined to create media with meaning. From feature films to citizen journalism, their work is worth spreading. Why we need brave journalists. Eight reporters who've been arrested, shot at and threatened talk about why they continue to report in dangerous war zones, prisons, protest sites -- because otherwise, these stories will go untold.

Photojournalism up close.

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Secret realities. Even in , when hot takes and tweets and news aggregation have become de rigueur , there is still a need, and demand, for in-depth, nuanced, sensitive, and complex storytelling. Thankfully, talented, determined magazine journalists the world over recognize their obligation to deliver such transformative pieces.

By Jennifer Robison

Buy your copy of Mile High Stories. But the challenges of crafting a compelling nonfiction narrative begin well before a writer sits down at her Mac to type out the opening words of a first draft. Fiction writing offers this wisdom through the settings and characters authors invent; nonfiction writing is, by definition, rooted in all the messiness and improbabilities of the real world.

There are very few neat narrative arcs in life. Sometimes these stories raise more questions than they answer.

Thinking About Storytelling and Narrative Journalism

Sometimes the plots take unexpected—and nonsensical—turns. This all starts with reporting. Coding Ethics. Vojtech Sedlak.

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All expertise 15 min. Covering issues. Beginner Intermediate 17 min. Case studies Ethics. Morten Jerven , Kate Wilkinson. Catherine D'Ignazio.

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Beginner 14 min. Data visualisation. Maarten Lambrechts. All expertise 14 min. Data visualisation Ethics. Kim Bui. Intermediate 16 min.

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Susan McGregor. Beginner 15 min. Brant Houston. Towards a Critical Data Practice What is data journalism? Fundamental search for journalists.

source url Best practices. When to hire a data journalist. Mapping for Journalists. Slider Prev Slider next. Data collection. Charting Tools for the Newsroom. Case studies. Verification: The Basics. Craig Silverman, Claire Wardle. Fundamental search for journalists 3. Putting data back into context 2. Clean data 9.