Handbook of Helminthiasis for Public Health

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Worms compete directly with their hosts for nutrients, but the magnitude of this effect is likely minimal as the nutritional requirements of worms is relatively small. Malnutrition due to worms can give rise to anorexia.

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Helminths may cause iron-deficiency anemia. This is most severe in heavy hookworm infections , as Necator americanus and Ancylostoma duodenale feed directly on the blood of their hosts. Although the daily consumption of an individual worm 0. Anemia has also been associated with reduced stamina for physical labor, a decline in the ability to learn new information, and apathy, irritability, and fatigue.

Malnutrition due to helminths may affect cognitive function leading to low educational performance, decreased concentration and difficulty with abstract cognitive tasks. Iron deficiency in infants and preschoolers is associated with "lower scores Of all the known helminth species, the most important helminths with respect to understanding their transmission pathways, their control, inactivation and enumeration in samples of human excreta from dried feces, faecal sludge , wastewater , and sewage sludge are: [26].

Helminthiases are classified as follows the disease names end with "-sis" and the causative worms are in brackets :. Helminths are transmitted to the final host in several ways. The most common infection is through ingestion of contaminated vegetables, drinking water, and raw or undercooked meat. Contaminated food may contain eggs of nematodes such as Ascaris , Enterobius , and Trichuris ; cestodes such as Taenia , Hymenolepis , and Echinococcus ; and trematodes such as Fasciola. Raw or undercooked meats are the major sources of Taenia pork, beef and venison , Trichinella pork and bear , Diphyllobothrium fish , Clonorchis fish , and Paragonimus crustaceans.

Schistosomes and nematodes such as hookworms Ancylostoma and Necator and Strongyloides can penetrate the skin directly. Finally, Wuchereria , Onchocerca , and Dracunculus are transmitted by mosquitoes and flies. Soil is eaten, for example, by children or pregnant women to counteract a real or perceived deficiency of minerals in their diet.

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Specific helminths can be identified through microscopic examination of their eggs ova found in faecal samples. The number of eggs is measured in units of eggs per gram. Disrupting the cycle of the worm will prevent infestation and re-infestation. Prevention of infection can largely be achieved by addressing the issues of WASH —water, sanitation and hygiene.

Handbook of Helminthiasis for Public Health

Further preventive measures include adherence to appropriate food hygiene , wearing of shoes, regular deworming of pets, and the proper disposal of their feces. Scientists are also searching for a vaccine against helminths, such as a hookworm vaccine.

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Broad-spectrum benzimidazoles such as albendazole and mebendazole are the first line treatment of intestinal roundworm and tapeworm infections. Macrocyclic lactones such as ivermectin are effective against adult and migrating larval stages of nematodes. Praziquantel is the drug of choice for schistosomiasis, taeniasis, and most types of food-borne trematodiases.

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Oxamniquine is also widely used in mass deworming programmes. Pyrantel is commonly used for veterinary nematodiasis. In regions where helminthiasis is common , mass deworming treatments may be performed, particularly among school-age children, who are a high-risk group. If complications of helminthiasis, such as intestinal obstruction occur, emergency surgery may be required. Areas with the highest prevalence of helminthiasis are tropical and subtropical areas including sub-Saharan Africa, central and east Asia, and the Americas.

Some types of helminthiases are classified as neglected tropical diseases. The soil-transmitted helminths A. In —15, the WHO estimated that approximately 2 billion people were infected with soil-transmitted helminthiases, [6] million with schistosomiasis, [54] 56 million people with food-borne trematodiasis, [55] million with lymphatic filariasis, [56] 37 million people with onchocerciasis, [57] and 1 million people with echinococcosis.

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In , only people were reported to have dracunculiasis because of a successful eradication campaign for that particular helminth, which is easier to eradicate than other helminths as it is transmitted only by drinking contaminated water. Because of their high mobility and lower standards of hygiene, school-age children are particularly vulnerable to helminthiasis.

Multi-species infections are very common. Even in areas of high prevalence, the frequency and severity of infection is not uniform within communities or families. The maximum worm burden is at five to ten years of age, declining rapidly thereafter. It is estimated that intestinal nematode infections cause 5 million disability-adjusted life years DALYS to be lost, of which hookworm infections account for more than 3 million DALYS and ascaris infections more than 1 million.

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As many as , die annually from soil transmitted helminthiasis. The — Global Burden of Disease Study estimated 5, direct deaths from schistosomiasis, [70] while more than , people were estimated in to die annually from causes related to schistosomiasis.

Handbook of Helminthiasis for Public Health

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Macroparasitic disease in which a part of the body is infected with parasitic worms. This article is about the infection. For the organisms, see Helminths. See also: Effects of parasitic worms on the immune system. Main article: Anthelmintic.

Main article: Mass deworming. Retrieved 28 November Retrieved 26 March Prevention and Control of Intestinal Parasitic Infections.

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Unfortunately, you will be liable for any costs incurred in return to sender parcels if the information you provided was inaccurate. Buy securely. Book of the Month. Authors Tim Winton Sarah J. Top Pick. Written by internationally respected experts, Handbook of Human Helminthiasis provides information essential in the development of an integrated approach to the prevention, control and treatment of disease caused by endoparasitic helminths.

Its transmission and distribution is largely determined by inadequate sanitary practices and improper faeces disposal 8, 25, The absence could be due to the fact that adult worms of Ascaris are regularly found in stool of infected individuals who then self-medicate with antihelmentics 12 after seeing these worms in their stool, in addition to improvement in prevailing social environment and behaviours of people in the communities 60, Also, hookworm infections are still prevalent in Ghana.