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Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. Examples of devastating impact The first two chapters review the devastating impact of these pests, and the diseases they spread, on humans, livestock and crops. From Cambridge English Corpus. Even a one-month internment during spring planting or the autumn harvest could have a devastating impact on that farm's yield for the year.

Despite the devastating impact of bipolar disorder on millions worldwide, little is known about underlying etiology and neurobiology. Of course, if industrial change had involved a simple linear transition from family workshop to factory this process could have had a devastating impact across the board. The sudden and devastating impact of an urban fire could provide pause for thought and reflection about what past laxity had incurred divine wrath and needed to be rectified.

As we move toward the creation of a networked health information environment, the potential of privacy intrusions increases, with potentially devastating impact on quality and access to healthcare. Eva's subsequent inability to cope with life surfaced following his death, suggesting that his loss had a devastating impact on her, perhaps triggering a full mental breakdown. Investment in this area will have a devastating impact and will restore confidence where it is most needed.

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From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Ebelhar, B. Young, and P. Optimizing phenotypic and genotypic selection for Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat.

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Brooks, Carl A. Griffey, and David G.

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Fusarium head blight development and trichothecene accumulation in point inoculated Fusarium infected wheat heads. Alissa B. Kriss, Laurence V. Madden, Pierce A. Paul, and Xiangming Xu.

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Diseases of Durum Wheat. Heterochromatin influences the secondary metabolite profile in the plant pathogen Fusarium graminearum. Biocontrol of Fusarium head blight: interactions between Trichoderma and mycotoxigenic Fusarium. Jasmonate and ethylene dependent defence gene expression and suppression of fungal virulence factors: two essential mechanisms of Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat? Development of multispectral imaging systems for quality evaluation of cereal grains and grain products. Chemical control of Fusarium head blight and mycotoxin contamination in barley and wheat based on mycotoxin accumulation during grain development.

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Lagrangian coherent structures are associated with fluctuations in airborne microbial populations. Deoxynivalenol contamination in Tunisian barley in the harvest. Cyclic lipopeptide profile of three Bacillus subtilis strains; antagonists of Fusarium head blight. Trichothecenes: From Simple to Complex Mycotoxins. Rishi R. Burlakoti, Stephen M. Neate, Tika B. Steffenson, and Paul B. Sources of resistance to Fusarium head blight within Syrian durum wheat landraces.

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Simultaneous detection of deoxynivalenol and zearalenone by dual-label time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay. Bilgi, C.